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Christmas Trees for Sale in Mapelton Maine

updated 12/18/17

Christmas Trees for Sale Mapelton Maine

Fresh cut Christmas Trees For Sale in Presque Isle, at the Riverside Pavilion from Dec 8 through Dec 17, 2017.

Maine Maple Syrup


Trees- $20 to $35
Fresh Wreaths- $15
Maple Syrup- $10/pint



Christmas Trees

Presque Isle Riverside Pavilion- Open Dec 8 thru Dec 17, 2017
Riverside Pavilion- Dec 8 thru Dec 17, 2017
Pavilion in Presque Isle
Balsam harvest1
Harvesting Balsam Fir Christmas Trees in Mapleton
Fir Trees
Tree Farm in Mapleton Maine
Tree Farm
Balsam Fir Christmas Trees raised in Mapleton ME