Johnsons Allagash Lodge Maine

Bugs, Weather and Travel


   Q: How bad are the bugs,and how can we avoid them?

    A: The black flies usually begin during the last week of may, and are at their worst thru late June. The old adage; When the bugs are bad the fishing is good, generally applies, so serious fisherpeople come prepared with either a head net, good repellent, cigars or pipe, or great tolerance. Of course, bitting insect numbers will wane as the summer progresses, and by august, few, by comparison are around.

   Q: How are the roads, and what's the driving distance from Bangor?

    A: Driving north from Bangor on rt. 95 is 65 miles, then 40 miles of secondary pavement, past the south entrance of Baxter state park. At this point the road is a good gravel road for 60 miles to Johnson's, and a road use fee is charged, as this is a logging road, maintained for log trucks.

   Q: What kind of weather should we expect in northern Maine?

    A: You will find the weather cooler here than at your home, but even the north woods gets hot occasionally. May and early June are generally cool, and cold rains are common. August here is fallish,with our first frosty mornings late in the month. September, can have 80 degree days, while cool mornings, and evenings are the rule. October bird, and moose hunters will enjoy crisp mornings, and days sometimes as warm as 70.


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Arriving Customers

If you're flying into northern Maine, you can reach us by way of Katahdin Air Service.

Here's a link to their site and pricing on flights from their home base or Bangor International to Johnson's Allagash Lodge- Katahdin Air Service to Allagash Lodge.