You'll want the right flies for flyfishing in Maine, this spring. 

  Suggested Trout Fly List for Johnson's Allagash Lodge in northern Maine
   Dry Flies Style or Color Size and Season  
   adams conventional 12-16 spring summer  
   adams parachute 12-16 spring summer  
   black knat   14-20 spring summer fall  
   blue damsel   12 summer  
   blue winged olive 12-20 spring summer caddis fly
   caddis elk hair 12-16 summer
   caddis goddard 12-16 summer
   caddis tent wing 12-16 summer
   cahill light 12-18 spring summer
   drakes green and yellow 8-12 summer
   humpy yellow and red 10-14 summer
   hendrickson light 12-16 spring summer
   irresistible   12-16 summer fall
   stimulator orange and yellow 10-16 spring summer fall  
   wulffs royal and white 10-16 spring summer fall  
   Wet Flies and Streamers  
   gray ghost   6-10 spring  
   hornberg yellow 8-12 spring summer fall  
   joe's smelt   6-10 spring Wooly Bugger 
   mickey finn   6-12 spring
   muddler minnow   8-12 spring summer fall
   nine three   6-10 spring
   soft hackle orange pheasant 12-16 spring summer fall
   wooly buggers olive black white 6-10
   wooly worm olive black 8-12
   woods special   6-10  
   damsel olive 6-8  
   flashback   12-18  
   hares ear   10-16  
   prince   10-16  
   scud salmon cream 12-20  

These flies have a good reputation in Narrow Pond and surrounding streams in Piscataquis County, Maine.

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